Thursday, March 7, 2013


Sorry for the lack of updates, been busy working on my film, here's a pin up.


  1. sexiest pin up that i've ever seen.

  2. Appology accepted! I've heard good things down the grapevine about your film, Tom! It's been described as being very.... Tom Law! XD Looking forward to seeing it (and you if you make it to Annecy!). Good luck finishing it off! Bisous!

  3. This looks like the ex I'm glad I never had.

  4. Haha, looking good, Tom! I stumbled across your blog. What movie?

  5. Love it! I wonder if you would be interested in helping me out with a Ronald Searle project? I'm putting a book and exhibition together on his work in America- the show will be at the Cartoon Museum, SF in November. I'm raising funds at an auction to help pay for printing costs and shipping of original artwork. I'm asking cartoonist friends to donate any original art that I can auction-Searle's son has even given me 2 of Ronald's fountain pens to auction! Would you be up for helping?
    Any piece of art is helpful but if you'd like to make it Searle specific that would be even better
    ie. your take on a Searle character
    I'll gather them all in a limited edition book too if I can get enough
    A copy of the catalogue is in it for you too and an invitation to the show opening if you're in SF!

    1. Oh wow Matt! Sorry for not responding sooner, I'd love to contribute to the show!

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